Skylight Cleaning

Skylights are a wonderful addition to any home.  They bring in so much additional natural lighting to a room.  Due to their unique shape, they require minimal maintenance but they do have some maintenance needs.

Rain will usually keep them pretty clean provided there are no trees overhead.  The problem we have here in Chaffee and Lake counties is the dust and pollen.  The mountains and the forests are absolutely BEAUTIFUL but beauty has a cost.  Mountains create an enormous amount of wind and forests create pollen.  Large open fields have grasses, weeds and dirt.  These three cause windows and skylights to be covered with a fine residue that builds up quickly if rain does not wash them off.

Our local environment does provide precipitation regularly but it comes largely in the form of snow.  Many times the snow will just sit and refuse to thaw out.  When that happens you can only imagine what is going on with the pollen and dust it is laying on for several hours or days.  If a skylight is not cleaned at least twice per year (preferably 4 times per year) you will begin to notice a haze on the skylight despite the efforts of a professional window cleaner.  This haze is created by the sun baking in the dust and pollen into the skylight material.

What can you do?  You can get your ladder out, along with all of your window cleaning equipment, and go to town on those skylights.  If it is a small home you should be fine.  If it is a custom home or a large home with two or three stories, it would be safer for you to consider a professional window cleaning company.  Falling off a ladder never ends good.  Gravity never discriminates.  It does not care who you are.  You leave the ladder, you hit the ground.

What do we recommend?  Call us for an estimate.  Many times we run specials where we throw the skylights in for free if we do the windows.

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