Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

If you have purchased solar panels then congratulations is in order.  You are part of the solution.  Forward thinking.  So how do we compliment your investment?  

What do you think is the single biggest hindrance to full production of solar panels in Buena Vista?  It's not snow nor clouds.   Believe it or not it is dust.  Dust blows and then dust settles.  As solar panels collect dust their output begins to decline.  The longer the time between cleanings occur the more dust accumulates and solar production continues to decline.  The second item to accumulate on your solar panels is pollen.  Window cleaning companies know that Buena Vista has an abundance of pollen due to large amounts of forests, weeds and grasses in the area.  Clean solar panels are far more productive than solar panels containing fine residual matter.

So how often should you have your solar panels cleaned?  Remember the last time you were behind that vehicle that someone wrote "Wash me please" across the back of it?  Get up on your roof and do this...pretend you are Harvey Ross Ball and draw a smiley face on your solar panels.  Seriously.  If it is very obvious, if you can clearly see your artistic rendition of the beginnings of the "Have a nice day!" fad, well, then it's probably time for a cleaning.  Approximate time is usually twice per year depending on annual precipitation which varies.

This is why you should call Buena Vista Window Cleaning today at 719-568-8950 and let us WOW you.

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