Monday, November 30, 2015

Window Washers and the Risks

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a window washer or window cleaner?  Typical jobs are not very risky but some, well, they offer certain safety related hazards.  Falling off a ladder at the two story level is bad enough but some window cleaners take MUCH more risk.

Check out this video as proof...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why You Should have your Windows Cleaned in the Winter

Winter in the Rockies brings its own special challenges at times. While we get a substantial amount of sunshine, we also receive an enormous amount of wind. Colorado is a very dry climate even days after snow.  So why is this important?

Wind brings dust and dust collects very fast on everyone's windows. Screens really suffer from the blowing dust more so than windows. It is important to clean both the windows and the screens to allow adequate sunshine into your home.

When you hire a window cleaning company you should always have your screens cleaned, not just swept or dusted off.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Window Cleaning and Cooking Bacon

Setting up a Window Cleaning Website

I would never have thought a simple website could be soooo complicated but it is technology and the only thing that is tinkered with more is government!  Just when you think you have some technological "gadgetry" like your smart phone, home computer, or in this case, a website figured out....WOW.

If you aren't familiar with the process of a setting up a very simple blog then I highly advise you to try it.  Go to and just sign up for one.  Pick any subject, like cooking bacon.  Simple enough right?  It will ask you for a blog name you have in mind and then the journey begins.  Blog name taken.

Two margaritas later you end up with some crazy lame name no one will ever find but you except it and move on.  Now to the design...pick one and move on again.  Finally you will post your expertise on how to cook bacon!

A month later you decide to check it out in the "Stats" section to see how many people visited your site and you discover it was only YOU.  So you decide to "get into it" and see what makes this whole "get on the first page of google" process works so people will visit your site.

You then discover the nuts and bolts: meta descriptions, meta keywords, the title is all wrong, headings (what headings?), robots and xml sitemaps, microformats, the Dublin Core...all this time wasting garbage that no one on the planet cares just wanted to upload ONE post about how to cook bacon because this is one thing you want to give back to society.

Soon you become this hermit who never leaves the house so you can increase traffic...Facebook, Twitter, Fiverr, oh my!


I wonder what guys like Mark Twain or Yogi Berra would say?  Well, all this talk about bacon has got me hungry.  I think I'll go have a sandwich, possibly even a BLT.

Making a window cleaning website should not be so hard, but with technological advances and whatnot, it certainly has gotten complicated.  Ever think what a garage sale would be like if a computer programmer had one?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Some Tools of the Trade

I would like to show you two of the tools we use.  The term "mop" is not used by everyone in the window cleaning industry but by many.  What is a "mop"?  Most people will immediately get a mental imagine of something with a broom handle and a white octopus attached to it.

The t bar really makes a difference based on the design.  Some are basic, sealed aluminum.  Others are a durable plastic with many, many grooves in it to aid in holding much more water thereby assisting the volume of water the mop gets to hold.

window cleaning tools used by window cleaners
The T bar

The mop is what really makes the window cleaner's job awesome.  The mop can be made with a variety of materials that range from lamb skin, microfibers to scrubbers.

window cleaning tools used by window cleaners
The "mop"

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Skylights and Snow

Skylight Cleaning and Snow Related Issues

This week we anticipate getting anywhere from 6 to 10 inches of snow here in Buena Vista, CO. Window cleaning companies realize what that means but the general public usually has other thoughts and concerns.

Aside from the airborne pollutants, snow is clean.  Snow falling on windows, skylights and solar panels does not bring dirt to the surface.  The dirt is already on the surface.  When snow falls it lands on a dirty surface and that is what causes the problem.

How long has that dirt or pollen been on those skylights?  Each home or building is different.  From the ground it may appear to be a clean surface but if it has not been cleaned in over 6 months, you can bet it is very dirty.  And when I say cleaned I don't mean sprayed with the water hose.  Most people take their car to the carwash and use a detergent and a power spray to clean the car, not just plain water.  Nor would they would consider their car clean if they just sprayed it down with the water hose in the driveway.

The problem that snows causes is that it traps dirt and pollen onto the skylight and this will cause "the haze".  The snows weight packs the dust into the pores of the surface.  Avoid that problem by having your skylights professional cleaned by a local window cleaning company like Buena Vista Window Cleaning.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Importance of Cleaning the Windows after New Construction

New Construction Clean Up

Window cleaning companies are often called during the remodeling or construction phase of a home or addition to a home.  Many aspects of construction go on during the construction phase that cause the new windows to be covered in dust.  Just think how many holes are drilled when the electrician comes in to run the electrical lines!  Dust will be either wood based or sand based if concrete is used in the vicinity.

When varnish or stains are used the windows can get either an overspray or splashed on.  These materials need to come off soon because once they are allowed to stay they can have a lingering effect on the glass itself.  That ugly haze can be avoided if those materials are cleaned off.

Depending on the type of stickers and tape used on the glass a sticky glue reside can remain.  If there was any amount of heat int he room during the construction phase this glue could have begun to try to remain on the glass permanently.  However, it comes very easily when it is new.

One of the commercial and residential window cleaning companies in Chaffee and Lake counties is Buena Vista Window Cleaning.  Give us a call today at 719-568-8950.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Two Reasons Why People Hate to do Windows

Window cleaning has gotten a terrible reputation over the years by numerous people. Residential window cleaning companies often hear this phrase, “I don't do windows” used by house cleaners. Why is it that so many people, professionals and everyday people, have such an opposition to cleaning windows?

The Primary Reason People Hate to do Windows

Heights. In order to properly clean a window you are gonna have to get up on a ladder to reach those high spots. The real concern that comes into cleaning up high in particular is the corners and edges of the window. When a person has to reach for the upper corner a natural reaction for the person on the ladder is one of fear.

Fear is good because the person that is over-confident on the ladder often finds himself in the Emergency Room. So the average person on the ladder has a healthy fear because they don't want to fall and they are not up on the ladder very often. If they used the ladder on a regular basis the fear factor would be minimized considerably.

The Secondary Reason People Hate to do Windows

Screens. When is the last time you took out a screen? It's right up there with replacing the clutch or visiting that bitter relative that nobody likes.

Screens are a very frustrating obstacle to having a nice, clean window. Screens can come out smoothly provided they are not too tight but the problem is they usually are too tight. Lose your patience removing them and you will either break the frame or tear the screen. Just for fund I challenge whoever is reading this to find a window in their house or apartment and go outside and just try to remove it...gently. If it does not cooperate, forget it

This is why you should call Buena Vista Window Cleaning at 719-568-8950 and let us WOW you today!

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Window Cleaning Up High

One of the hardest aspects of window cleaning that a professional window cleaner will encounter has to be dealing with heights.  Some of the biggest challenges involve a custom home with 3 story windows, a ladder and the gear. are at the highest point on the ladder that you can safely stand.  You have your extension pole and have it extended out to about 16 feet.

In this case, you can reach approximately 31 ft with your t-bar washers and the squeegee.  Everything is fine if you do absolutely nothing but that is not why you are up there in the first place.  The window is not gonna clean itself.  So you reach up as high as you can to clean the highest point of the window.  You notice your  balance is off considerably due to the extended weight of the pole in your hand.

Scary right?  Yes indeed.  And so this is the life of a professional window cleaner.  Many people can climb the ladder with all of their gear but once you have to use all of your tools PLUS hold on to the ladder, well, that can be the breaking point causing many small window cleaning companies to only do ground level window washing.

Call the professionals at Buena Vista Window Cleaning at 719-568-8950 or just send a text and we will do our very best to earn your business through out excellent customer service.

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