Sunday, November 1, 2015

Window Cleaning Up High

One of the hardest aspects of window cleaning that a professional window cleaner will encounter has to be dealing with heights.  Some of the biggest challenges involve a custom home with 3 story windows, a ladder and the gear. are at the highest point on the ladder that you can safely stand.  You have your extension pole and have it extended out to about 16 feet.

In this case, you can reach approximately 31 ft with your t-bar washers and the squeegee.  Everything is fine if you do absolutely nothing but that is not why you are up there in the first place.  The window is not gonna clean itself.  So you reach up as high as you can to clean the highest point of the window.  You notice your  balance is off considerably due to the extended weight of the pole in your hand.

Scary right?  Yes indeed.  And so this is the life of a professional window cleaner.  Many people can climb the ladder with all of their gear but once you have to use all of your tools PLUS hold on to the ladder, well, that can be the breaking point causing many small window cleaning companies to only do ground level window washing.

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