Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Two Reasons Why People Hate to do Windows

Window cleaning has gotten a terrible reputation over the years by numerous people. Residential window cleaning companies often hear this phrase, “I don't do windows” used by house cleaners. Why is it that so many people, professionals and everyday people, have such an opposition to cleaning windows?

The Primary Reason People Hate to do Windows

Heights. In order to properly clean a window you are gonna have to get up on a ladder to reach those high spots. The real concern that comes into cleaning up high in particular is the corners and edges of the window. When a person has to reach for the upper corner a natural reaction for the person on the ladder is one of fear.

Fear is good because the person that is over-confident on the ladder often finds himself in the Emergency Room. So the average person on the ladder has a healthy fear because they don't want to fall and they are not up on the ladder very often. If they used the ladder on a regular basis the fear factor would be minimized considerably.

The Secondary Reason People Hate to do Windows

Screens. When is the last time you took out a screen? It's right up there with replacing the clutch or visiting that bitter relative that nobody likes.

Screens are a very frustrating obstacle to having a nice, clean window. Screens can come out smoothly provided they are not too tight but the problem is they usually are too tight. Lose your patience removing them and you will either break the frame or tear the screen. Just for fund I challenge whoever is reading this to find a window in their house or apartment and go outside and just try to remove it...gently. If it does not cooperate, forget it

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