Saturday, November 7, 2015

Skylights and Snow

Skylight Cleaning and Snow Related Issues

This week we anticipate getting anywhere from 6 to 10 inches of snow here in Buena Vista, CO. Window cleaning companies realize what that means but the general public usually has other thoughts and concerns.

Aside from the airborne pollutants, snow is clean.  Snow falling on windows, skylights and solar panels does not bring dirt to the surface.  The dirt is already on the surface.  When snow falls it lands on a dirty surface and that is what causes the problem.

How long has that dirt or pollen been on those skylights?  Each home or building is different.  From the ground it may appear to be a clean surface but if it has not been cleaned in over 6 months, you can bet it is very dirty.  And when I say cleaned I don't mean sprayed with the water hose.  Most people take their car to the carwash and use a detergent and a power spray to clean the car, not just plain water.  Nor would they would consider their car clean if they just sprayed it down with the water hose in the driveway.

The problem that snows causes is that it traps dirt and pollen onto the skylight and this will cause "the haze".  The snows weight packs the dust into the pores of the surface.  Avoid that problem by having your skylights professional cleaned by a local window cleaning company like Buena Vista Window Cleaning.

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