Monday, November 16, 2015

Window Cleaning and Cooking Bacon

Setting up a Window Cleaning Website

I would never have thought a simple website could be soooo complicated but it is technology and the only thing that is tinkered with more is government!  Just when you think you have some technological "gadgetry" like your smart phone, home computer, or in this case, a website figured out....WOW.

If you aren't familiar with the process of a setting up a very simple blog then I highly advise you to try it.  Go to and just sign up for one.  Pick any subject, like cooking bacon.  Simple enough right?  It will ask you for a blog name you have in mind and then the journey begins.  Blog name taken.

Two margaritas later you end up with some crazy lame name no one will ever find but you except it and move on.  Now to the design...pick one and move on again.  Finally you will post your expertise on how to cook bacon!

A month later you decide to check it out in the "Stats" section to see how many people visited your site and you discover it was only YOU.  So you decide to "get into it" and see what makes this whole "get on the first page of google" process works so people will visit your site.

You then discover the nuts and bolts: meta descriptions, meta keywords, the title is all wrong, headings (what headings?), robots and xml sitemaps, microformats, the Dublin Core...all this time wasting garbage that no one on the planet cares just wanted to upload ONE post about how to cook bacon because this is one thing you want to give back to society.

Soon you become this hermit who never leaves the house so you can increase traffic...Facebook, Twitter, Fiverr, oh my!


I wonder what guys like Mark Twain or Yogi Berra would say?  Well, all this talk about bacon has got me hungry.  I think I'll go have a sandwich, possibly even a BLT.

Making a window cleaning website should not be so hard, but with technological advances and whatnot, it certainly has gotten complicated.  Ever think what a garage sale would be like if a computer programmer had one?

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