Friday, November 6, 2015

Importance of Cleaning the Windows after New Construction

New Construction Clean Up

Window cleaning companies are often called during the remodeling or construction phase of a home or addition to a home.  Many aspects of construction go on during the construction phase that cause the new windows to be covered in dust.  Just think how many holes are drilled when the electrician comes in to run the electrical lines!  Dust will be either wood based or sand based if concrete is used in the vicinity.

When varnish or stains are used the windows can get either an overspray or splashed on.  These materials need to come off soon because once they are allowed to stay they can have a lingering effect on the glass itself.  That ugly haze can be avoided if those materials are cleaned off.

Depending on the type of stickers and tape used on the glass a sticky glue reside can remain.  If there was any amount of heat int he room during the construction phase this glue could have begun to try to remain on the glass permanently.  However, it comes very easily when it is new.

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